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LEVEL 2: Specialty Banner Strip



LEVEL 2: Specialty Banner Strip


This is a custom banner strip now available to the public that has sparkle on the banner material. This strip will also protect you from dealing with the sun in your eye.

The installation kit is optional for anyone that needs tools to make it easier to install the banner strip.


This product creates a new look to the banner material because it has a lot of sparkle flakes on it. When the sun hits it directly, it is very shiny.

Additional information

Color Options

Sparkle Black, Sparkle Lime Green, Sparkle Red, Sparkle Gunmetal, Sparkle Gold, Sparkle Baby Blue, Sparkle Purple, Sparkle Burple

Installation Kit

No Kit, Full Install Kit, 3M Gold Squeegee, Soft Squeege, Banner Juice, Blade